Resources for Eureka Math

Resources for Eureka Math

1.  Vernon Parish School Board--

2.  Read the Common Core Standards --   

3.  Eureka Math (What the teacher sees) --  (free sign up)

4.  Eureka Math Newsletters --

5.  Lafayette Parish School System Math Road Maps --

6.  Vermillion Parish Schools System Math Resources --

7.  Search on Facebook “Eureka Common Core Math Help from LSUA”

Grading Scale

Report cards are sent home each six-week period. Kindergarten report cards are sent each nine weeks period. Progress reports for grades 5-12 are sent home the 3rd week of the 6-week period. Parents can view student's grade and assignments anytime on the parent communication center page. Call or go to office for more information. 

Grading scale for Vernon Parish Schools

A 93 - 100 Excellent
B 85 - 92 Above Average 
C 75 - 84 Average 
D 67 - 74 Below Average 
F 0 - 66 Unsatisfactory

Students in grades 1-6 must earn at least 6 quality points, 3 of which must be in the last semester, to receive a grade of D and credit in the course. Students in grades 7-12 must earn at least 7 quality points, 4 of which must be in the last semester, to receive a grade of D and credit for the course.

Map to PHS

Pitkin High School is located on Hwy 463 about 1/10 of a mile north of the intersection of Hwy 463 and Hwy 10. If you can't find us, anyone in the community will be happy to help you.

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