Aerial view of Pitkin High School taken by Garrett Beeson, a former Pitkin High School student. Garrett was 13 when he took the picture.

The Physical Campus

Pitkin High School was originally established in 1915 with the construction of the first brick building. Before this, small one and two room school- houses were spread out in the surrounding communities until they were combined into one school called Compromise, approximately a half mile from where Pitkin High School is presently located.  Pitkin High School was approved as a high school on August 23, 1915.  The school plant has undergone many changes from a one and two room schoolhouse to a three-story building to the present day facility.  The present school plant has been utilized since 1969 and has undergone several renovations and additions.  It consists of a central area housing administrative offices, a library, a kitchen, a cafeteria, and a gymnasium.  Three wings extend off this central area housing the lower elementary (Pre-K & Head Start through 4th grade), upper elementary (5th grade- 8th grade), and high school (9th grade-12th grade).  A large pavilion and baseball field house are located between the track field and the baseball and softball fields. The whirlpool and weight room are located in the gym.


Recent changes at Pitkin High School and includes a new home economics lab and classroom, an elementary art lab, an elementary science lab, an elementary computer lab, a Title I resource room, and several classrooms.  The library has been expanded and completely renovated from the floor to the ceiling, which includes new furniture, more shelf space, additional and updated books, and a computer lab.  The entire school facility has been renovated.  A new slanted roof, new ceiling tiles, floor tiles and carpeting, and lighting have been installed throughout the school.

Partners in Education and Volunteers

The PTO, parent volunteers, BECI (Partner-in-Education), Cameron Communications, the Kiwanis Club, the American Legion and Ladies Auxiliary, the Masons, and the area businesses are a very important pillar of support for Pitkin High School.  The PHS Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) publishes a program for both the annual homecoming and graduation, purchases equipment and school supplies, financially provides for student trips, and carries out various fund-raisers throughout the year to raise funds to promote student success.  The Parent Volunteer program is an on-going service assisting teachers in the classrooms and getting parents involved in his/her child's education.  The Kiwanis Club donates gifts honoring student attendance. Beauregard Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BECI) is Pitkin High School's Partner-in-Education (PIE). BECI furnishes apparel, equipment, and supplies for special occasions and events.  The company also donates money and gifts for awards day to reward students for perfect attendance.  Throughout the year, a representative of BECI comes by the school to check on our progress and ask about our needs.  Our school honors our Partner-in-Education in various ways throughout the year because we appreciate everything they provide for our students and faculty.  Our local American Legion and Ladies Auxiliary provide for students to attend Boys and Girls state, provide awards and scholarships, and promote our students through numerous other activities.  The local Masons' organization provides awards and luncheons for students.  All the local businesses and parish businesses provide awards and funds to support our school.


School buses have designated loading and unloading areas.  A majority of the students are assigned to numbered buses and ride buses to school.  Parents furnish transportation for a small group of students.


Pitkin High School offers its students the opportunity to participate in a variety of clubs and organizations, including: FFA, FBLA, Student Council, Publications Staff, FCCLA, GPA, NHS, FCS, 4-H Club, Quiz Bowl, National Junior Beta Club, and Blue Ambassadors. Student activities foster the development of character and leadership qualities, while enhancing the leisure, recreational, social, and emotional needs of the student body.

Faculty & Staff

The administration and faculty, under the leadership of Principal Kevin Lambright and Assistant Principal Connie Britt, set goals for excellence in all aspects of the school life.  Pitkin High School has a highly qualified faculty: 37% of the faculty has advanced degrees; 50% have a Bachelor of Science degree; and 13% have a Bachelor of Arts degree.  The average overall teaching experience of the faculty is 18.4 years.  The average number of years teaching at Pitkin High School is 13.8 years.  The faculty is 2.2% African-American, 2.2% Hispanic and 95.6% Caucasian.  Females comprise 78% of the faculty and males make up 22%. Support personnel includes seven custodians, nine cafeteria workers, twelve bus drivers, one book keeper, one bus aide, one secretary, one part-time teacher, and fourteen paraprofessionals.  Related services consist of Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), Adaptive Physical Education (APE), Visually Impaired Instruction, Gifted Instruction, Speech Therapy and a School Nurse.


Pitkin High School operates on an eight-period day, with a majority of the faculty teaching seven classes with one assigned planning period. There are 515 students enrolled and 43 full-time teachers. The student-teacher ratio is 14:1. During 2013-2014, the enrollment of the school was approximately 0.2% black, 94.4% white, and 5.5% others (Hispanics and American Indians). During 2013-2014, there were 69% of the students receiving free and reduced lunches.


Pitkin High School has an excellent reputation in the parish and state for excellence in academics and athletics.  We have fully implemented the national Common Core curriculum.  Since 1999, PHS has enjoyed a graduation rate of nearly 100%.  All classrooms have computers and access to the Internet and instruction is provided in computer labs for K-12.  Students at Pitkin High School are offered a curriculum that is designed to meet the basic curriculum mandated by the State Board of Education, including the Board of Regents' Curriculum for college bound students.  Course offerings are diverse, meeting the needs of college-bound students as well as those entering vocational programs.  Some students are enrolled in college classes with Northwestern State University and the Louisiana Technical College at Lamar Salter. As a class B school affiliated with the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA), Pitkin High School offers both girls' and boys' sports, including basketball, baseball/softball, track/cross country, and rodeo.  Several state championship titles have been won by Pitkin High School in baseball and basketball. 


PHS has a full-time school resource officer provided by the Vernon Parish Sheriff's Department patrol. A sheriff is provided in the mornings and afternoons to insure the safety of students, buses, and all traffic arriving and departing the school facilities. The sheriff's department furnishes patrol personnel when needed for after school and nighttime activities. Random drug searches are done throughout the school.


The safety measures and rules provided by the community and school district enhance the learning environment and enable students to feel secure while attending school activities and learning at school.

SACS Accreditation and More

Pitkin High School was evaluated to determine the school's accreditation status for the first time in 1957.  The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) has accredited Pitkin High School consecutively since 1957.